#PeekIntoMyLife I am sooooo in LOVE

#PeekIntoMyLife I have met people but no one has loved me the way you do. You are the love of my life the person that captures me in my flaws and loves me still.. I normally don’t talk about my love life but I just can’t hold it any longer I am so so so in love… when I wake up in the morning you are there to tell me how beautiful I am, to tell me how much you love me and you care.

You are kind, smart, intelligent, strong, thoughtful , you never give up on me or our dreams. You push me to become my very best. Oh i didn’t forget how absolutely HOT you are. There is no body in the world like you. Your smile lights up my day… Some days are good and others it maybe a total flop.

But I can always count on you to see the good in everything. Thank you for loving me without conditions. I profess my love to you and only you because I am in love with ME… yeah you have it right I AM IN LOVE WITH ME. #HappySaturday

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