Created To Stand Out

#SingleMomChronicles #PeekIntoMyLife
Got up … got Dress looking really cute… then I put on my flip-flops …you know how we have the heels in our hand and when we get to the location change our shoes.. well that was the plan. ..
Had a major meeting with Executives about the 6th Annual Black and White Ball & #BUZZZINOFFAwards for this year and of course I took my son John along with me.
Me: (getting ready to head into the meeting changing my shoes from the flip flops) all man John I cannot get my foot in my heels… I cannot go into this meeting with these flip-flops on.. my feet is swollen
John: MA just leave the flip-flops on
Me: I am going to look crazy and I want them to take me serious
John: MA don’t try and put those heels on and be in pain … if they don’t do business with you because of your flip-flops then they are at a lost… I will take your bag and meet you inside.
Me: (Still struggling with the shoes…the phone rings)John why are you calling me I am right here
John: MA I see you still trying to put those heels on and you don’t need to.. you are amazing and your idea is a blessing they are not going to even notice your shoes when you start talking … just come on in … I am going to stay on the phone with you until you come through these doors.
Me: ok here I come.. (walking in with my flip-flops.. he openings the door for me and I kissed him on the forehead)
John: See don’t your feet feel good.. MA you are going to great I love you …
YEAP I am a #Crybaby he gets me everytime… DON’T TRY TO FIT WHEN YOU ARE CREATED TO STANDOUT

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