Stay On Course

This morning went into the one of my favorite restaurants Olivias to clear my head this morning … writing my notes for the #BUZZZINOFFAwardsgetting a layout for my young people… working on vision. Mind focus… you never know who is watching and paying attention.. I get ready to close out .. i ask my waitress for my bill and she says the Mayor paid your bill. I went over to say thank you and he introduced me to the owner of the restaurant. He said Lutonya i have been watching you and I support you. I will be there at the #BUZZZINOFFAWARDS to support you and …. amazed by God… #StayingOnCourse HE KNOWS my heart is to give our youth an oasis … I see this vision God has given me clear and I am going for it… I was going to do something different and God told me to go there this morning. Follow His plan… God will take you places no man can…

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  1. Tonia Reaves says:

    Love it Lutonya! I remember you from our Animal behavior class at RMC. I am so glad you didn’t give up on your dreams. You are giving me a push. God is so good. He will set you up to recieve your blessings.

    1. Thank you and it is great to hear from you… so much more to do

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