#SingleMomChronicles #AMUSTSHARE Money is out here for us … we just have to know where to get it… I am grateful that money is attracted to me (i speak it everyday)… and anyone that is on my friend list or support me I am sharing…

You Get paid to open your email… get paid to watch youtube videos… get paid to shop…get paid to invite…get paid to travel.. i have tested these and it works if you want to know what to do just INBOX ME NOW I GOT YOU.. #sharingiscaring

There is no reason we all cannot pray,eat and make money together

I wanted to share these things with you. Because we have a nice support system companies has been reaching out for us to market there business

I wanted to share with you some free money making opportunities that i have come into partnership with

Inbox pays (you get paid to open your email and to do there survey)


Ebates (You get paid to invite people to shop)


Paribus (will scan your purchases you made by using your email and refund you when something goes on sale within a 90 day period)


Traveling This one isn’t free to start but you will have your fees removed about 4 people sign up so you get paid to sign people up
http://girlswhotravel.worldventures.biz (u invite 4 pay no more)

Digit (This site will help you save your change for an unexpected life event and you can make money by sharing)
Work from home

If you have a website as well there is resources to generate income when traffic come you can monetize your website
I am going to get a list together but these have been successful me and they have covered some unwanted bills

If you have questions let me know … Always thinking of you

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