Unite Fannie: Rest Well

Untie Fannie
I Cherish every time you shared wisdom with me.
I Cherish every smile you gave when I walked toward you.
I Cherish your warm embrace when I came to hug you.
I Cherish the time when you talked to me and told me how special I was and how I was a leader and should look to be an entrepreneur.
I Cherish you cutting a rug with me. (Dancing while Laughing)
I Cherish those warm pies you had on the counter waiting on me when I came to see you.
I Cherish my beautiful cousins Marli White Marlana White Marty White Bitty Lissa White
I Cherish you helping raise my Father into the man he has become. A man of integrity. YOU DID THAT.
I Cherish your unconditional LOVE.
I Cherish YOU… I carry you in my spirit and I pray I become the woman you desired me to be… Rest Well Untie Fannie..Gone but NEVER FORGOTTEN…

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