Dear King

Dear King, A real woman pay close attention to your actions… she observes the type of company you keep and the women you entertain or invest your time in… Are you giving yourself to just any woman… How you take care of yourself & the people you say you love… Remember If you are ready…

Say it with me

Say it with me.. I will no longer be afraid to ask for what i want… Buzzzinoff with Lutonya TV Show

Don’t Give Up Your Desire

Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you have to give up what you desire so they can get what they want… that’s Foolishness and lies and if he wants you to he isn’t the one for you… #justSaying Buzzzinoff with Lutonya TV Show

Life Is To Short Don’t Waste Your Money

John & I go to the doctors John: Doc I am going to show you some moves so if someone try to break in house they won’t get away with your stuff Doctor: If they break in they can take it all because I got it from the thift store Life is to short don’t…