Personal Invite: My Birthday Celebration Saturday, September 9

Looking forward to seeing you off the internet and in the building COMMUNITY LEADERS ARE GATHERING Saturday, September 9, 2017 #BUZZZINOFFAwards CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS Lutonya M Lang & Media 7th Annual Black And White Ball & BuzzZinOFF Awards (FORMAL ATTIRE) Media is “Created To Inspire” Event Host: Twon Cruz (Actor| Model| TV Personality) Kimberly Washington…


I swear someone need to get smacked in the face for offering student loans…. including all my financial aid counselors… #smh I could have three houses built from the ground up… #CussingFastAboutToEnd #WipeItOut the system Jesus … if you touch and agree TYPE #WIPEITOUT

Love Harder

I really work towards being positive. people the chance to be honest.. today I am just disappointed …I won’t allow it to make me bitter but man it does hurt …. #CreatedToInspire don’t allow people to change who you are… if you love and they dont show it…love harder… if you trust and find…

The Lesson:

“The lesson: Not everyone you love will stay. Not everyone you trust will be loyal. Some people only exist as examples of what to avoid.” Unknown #TopOfTheMorning 

Have a #BuzzZinOFF Resurrection Sunday

#LetsGetCookin #PeekIntoMyLife Yeah my family tried to clown my cooking and everyone licking there fingers lol more private videos PEEK INTO MY LIFE with Lutonya Posted by Lutonya M Lang on Sunday, April 16, 2017

VBlog: This boy got completely on my nerves

There is some sound and no sound but wanted to share… John Thekidstar first photos hot for #Cynderfella Felice M. Kimbrew Part 1 Posted by Lutonya M Lang on Wednesday, April 12, 2017     John Thekidstar first photo shot for #Cynderfella Felice M. Kimbrew Part 2 Posted by Lutonya M Lang on Wednesday, April…